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All sessions are on-site. No travel, no stress


Monday - Friday

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If you need an appointment within 24 hours, call our office at 603-930-0007 and we'll schedule you as soon as possible.

Book Online:

To avoid scheduling conflicts, sessions booked online require a minimum 24 hour advanced notice.

If you need an appointment right away, have trouble booking online, or would rather book by phone, please call our office at 603-930-0007. We'll do everything we can to get you the day and time you need!

On-site sessions require:

  • Client to be within 25 miles of Derry, NH
  • A minimum 9' x 12' (approximately) room or space for massage table/session
  • Massage room/space to be as quiet and free from interruption as possible
  • A 20 minute setup time prior to the start of your session
  • Comfortable temperature for client and therapist (between 65-75 degrees) 
  • Access to restroom so therapist can maintain sanitation standards

Phone: 603-930-0007

Sunday Not Available
Monday By Appointment Only
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Friday By Appointment Only
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